One Stop Financial Services: Answering Your Questions About Financial Aid, Billing and Payment

June 28, 2023
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One Stop Financial Services: Answering Your Questions About Financial Aid, Billing and Payment

If you have questions about financial aid for college, you’re not alone. Students and parents benefit from assistance at every step of their college journey, and those questions can change over time. One Stop is where to turn with those questions.

One Stop Student Financial Services is Baylor’s resource for financial aid, billing and payment. Think of it as a concierge-like service for any question you might have about scholarships, loans and more—anything that impacts a student’s ability to attend and graduate from Baylor.

Earlier this year, One Stop moved to a new location on the 3rd Floor of the Bill Daniel Student Center. In-person visits are welcome and meaningful, but there are multiple ways to connect with One Stop year-round.

How can they help you? Taryn Anderson, Senior Director for Enrollment Services, leads One Stop and answers common questions students and families have:

Who all can use One Stop?

We engage current students, prospective students, parents and family members—we’re here for everyone. Graduate students, law students, nursing students in Dallas, seminary, our online population…we are here to answer all of their financial questions about a Baylor education.

Why was One Stop created?

We exist to help. Our main goal is to translate these complicated financial aid processes and terms so that the families understand them and so that not a confusing process for them. Hopefully, they're making good financial decisions and they feel good when they start this semester that the bill is covered and they don't have to worry about that part. That's our goal. We want them to be able to pay their bill and then be able to be in the classroom and really enjoy being at Baylor.

What types of questions do you most commonly receive?

One Stop deals with anything financial that impacts the student's ability to come to Baylor and graduate from Baylor. That starts with applying for aid through the FAFSA or the CSS profile. And we really start engaging with students when they get their financial aid package, because most students are not savvy on financial aid. They don't know what that financial aid package actually says. So, they want to be able to understand their aid so they can decide if they can come.

And then, once they come to Baylor and they get that first bill, that's usually our next touch point with them. But those questions can come at any time and can change as students’ progress. We consider ourselves partners with the students, and often with their family, in getting them through each of those billing cycles and each of the financial aid cycles.

When should a student or parent come to One Stop?

Anytime they have questions, contact us. We will always walk through a student’s options, and it’s always helpful to come to us as soon in the process as you can. The longer a student waits, the more limited the options become. So, my advice is to start early and reach out.

Where and how can you connect with One Stop?

Lots of ways! We're on the third floor of the Bill Daniel Student Center in a totally re-done space. We’re outfitted with an office and some really amazing private meeting rooms, so when students visit, they're able to step into a room. We have a big monitor where we can project their financial aid in these private rooms, and their family can join in either in-person or remotely if they’d like. We’re open 9-4.

We updated our website as well with lots of helpful information.

Calling us is a really easy way to get ahold of us. We do have live chat available throughout the year as well, and it doesn't matter who you contact. Everyone at One Stop is cross-trained, so we are able to be available and be open to families, and you don't have to know exactly who you need to talk to. Just connect to us with your question and we can begin that process!


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