Mar. 1, 2023
Baylor Expert: Literacy Studies Takes Reading Beyond the Printed Page

WACO, Texas (March 1, 2023) – Often when people hear the word literacy, they think about learning to read, but literacy involves much more than reading from the printed page. Literacy encompasses the everyday ways people use language to make meaning and communicate, said Kelly C. Johnston, B.S. ’04, Ed.D., assistant professor in the Baylor University School of Education.

Feb. 15, 2023
For God’s Sake: Baylor Researchers Develop a New Model to Predict Smartphone Use during Church Services

WACO, Texas (Feb. 15, 2023) - Smartphone use has quickly become a fixture of everyday life, including during church services. Drawing from the Theory of Reasoned Action and the Technology Acceptance Model, Baylor researchers have developed a new model to identify key drivers of smartphone use during church services.

Jan. 24, 2023
Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion Case Study Spotlights C2 Leadership Institute

WACO, Texas (Jan. 24, 2023) – Faith organizations have traditionally served as first responders when crisis occurs in personal lives as well as in the community. Yet, for all the good they do, faith organizations can do so much more if their efforts and resources could be better recognized and leveraged, through public-private partnerships to sustain and grow their work, according to a case study by Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion.

Jan. 19, 2023
School of Education Receives THECB Autism Grant Award for Innovation

WACO, Texas (Jan. 19, 2023) - Jessica Akers, Ph.D., assistant professor of educational psychology in the Baylor University School of Education, has received a $893,409 grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to develop an innovative treatment model for children with autism and their siblings.


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Mar. 29, 2023
Baylor University Recognizes April’s National Sexual Assault Awareness Month

WACO, Texas (March 29, 2023) – Baylor University is again joining universities and communities around the country to increase public awareness and prevention education about sexual assault and interpersonal violence during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) in April.

Mar. 28, 2023
Baylor University and Evidence In Motion Enter Agreement for Hybrid Graduate Health Care Programs

WACO AND SAN ANTONIO, Texas (March 27, 2023) – Baylor University and Evidence In Motion (EIM) announce that the two organizations have entered a licensing agreement where Baylor may continue to use the innovative blended learning methods and structured clinical education model developed collaboratively by Baylor and EIM to support the university’s entry-level and post-professional doctorate programs in occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Mar. 24, 2023
Baylor Celebrates National Social Work Month

National Social Work Month is a time to celebrate the role social workers play in society. Dedicated to breaking barriers that prevent people from achieving their own potential, social workers are essential to improving the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

Mar. 22, 2023
Finalists Selected for Baylor University’s $250,000 Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching

WACO, Texas (March 22, 2023) – Three preeminent scholar/teachers from United States universities have been selected as finalists for Baylor University's 2024 Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching, the only national teaching award – with the single largest monetary reward of $250,000 – presented by a college or university to an individual for exceptional teaching. The winning professor will be announced by Baylor in spring 2024.

Mar. 21, 2023
Baylor Finance Expert Offers Advice on Surviving Economic Changes

WACO, Texas (March 21, 2023) – Throughout his 35-year career in financial services, Erik Davidson, DBA., clinical assistant professor of finance at Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business, has witnessed the ups and downs of the economy and provides some advice to average investors on how to ride this current wave of financial uncertainty.

Mar. 17, 2023
International Day of Happiness: Baylor Experts Share Ideas on How to Feel Happier

WACO, Texas (March 17, 2023) – Most people would agree that happiness is better than negative emotions. Still, few may take the time to fully appreciate how happiness can improve their lives and the lives of those around them. The United Nations declared March 20 International Day of Happiness, which is celebrated annually to create a happier and kinder world. This year’s theme is “Be Mindful. Be Grateful. Be Kind.”

Mar. 13, 2023
The Surprising Saint Patrick: Baylor Expert Reveals Facts, Fallacies on Patron Saint of Ireland

WACO, Texas (March 13, 2023) – Saint Patrick (A.D. 385-461) is probably one of the Catholic Church’s best-known saints, at least in countries influenced by Irish emigration. He is even more popular due to a rise in Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations and revelry. But, despite his popularity, how much do most people truly know about Saint Patrick?

Mar. 8, 2023
Baylor Math Chair Explains Magic, Mystery of π (Pi)

WACO, Texas (March 8, 2023) - Described as beautiful, elusive and enigmatic, Pi has fascinated and inspired mathematicians throughout history. With National Pi Day coming up on March 14, Baylor mathematics chair Dorina Mitrea, Ph.D., explains why Pi matters.