Baylor in the News – July 3-9, 2022

July 10, 2022
Rosenbalm Fountain

Rosenbalm Fountain, Pat Neff Hall, Baylor University (Robert Rogers/Baylor University)

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WACO, Texas (July 10, 2022) – Baylor University researchers and faculty experts were featured in national and local media stories as they shared their thoughts and expertise on what the Book of Malachi can tell us about the challenge of faith in an age of despair, redefining clergy misconduct as more than an affair or “moral failing” and how ethical leadership compounded by supervisor-induced stress can lead to employee deviance and turnover.

July 4, 2022

Baptist Standard: Voices: Not-so-Minor Prophets: Malachi
W. Dennis Tucker Jr., professor of Christian Scriptures at Baylor, writes about the book of Malachi, the final book in the collection commonly known as the Minor Prophets. “The book of Malachi reflects the challenge of faith in an age of despair for the post-exilic community in and around Jerusalem… We also live in an age of despair, and we also know something of the challenge of faith. In quiet moments when we are completely alone, perhaps we also may start to wonder whether faithfulness to God is futile.”

Daily Commercial (Leesburg, FL): 'Religion gone bad': What makes a cult, a cult? Was the Elder Council one?
In this article, J. Gordon Melton, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor at Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion and author of “Encyclopedic Handbook of Cults,” describes cults as “religion gone bad.”

July 5, 2022

Fortune: Best Online Master’s in Computer Science Degrees in 2022
Baylor’s online master’s degree program in computer science is ranked No. 12 among Fortune Education’s list of top programs for prospective students looking for a way to enter this flourishing industry—while taking advantage of remote education.

July 6, 2022

Religion News Service: When abuse victims are adults, they’re often treated as ‘sinners,’ threats to churches
David Pooler, Ph.D., professor of social work at Baylor who studies clergy misconduct, is quoted in this article about how some churches and faith groups have a hard time seeing sexual misconduct by pastors as abusive. Pooler said calling clergy misconduct an affair or moral failing misses the power dynamics at play.

Texas Observer: Seeking Wisdom That’s Deeper Than ‘Crayola’ Religion
Review of “A Fire to Light Our Tongues,” an anthology of poems, nonfiction pieces and short fiction by nearly 60 Texas writers, edited by Baylor English lecturer Elizabeth J. Dell, Ph.D., and her late UMHB colleague Donna Walker-Nixon, Ph.D., is a potent antidote to the temptation to believe that religion, especially in Texas, is linked with intolerance, racism and hate.

Christian Scholar’s Review: Performative Prayer at Athletic Events: An Important Free Exercise Freedom with Limited Christian Importance
Perry L. Glanzer, Ph.D., professor of educational foundations at Baylor and a resident scholar with Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion, writes about the misunderstanding of the implications of a recent Supreme Court case – Kennedy v. Bremerton School District – about a coach disciplined for praying in public after a game.

Casper (WY) Star Tribune: High school and college students to attend quantum physics camp at Casper College
Baylor University is among the universities funding Casper College’s two-week camp on the weird world of quantum science for a group of high school seniors and college freshmen, followed by an annual quantum optics conference. Both the conference and camp are led by physicist and Casper native Marlan Scully, Ph.D., Distinguished Research Academician of Science and Engineering at Baylor.

July 7, 2022

KWBU-FM: Business Review: Balancing Ethics
AUDIO: Matt Quade, Ph.D., associate professor of management at Baylor whose research interests center on behavioral ethics (ethical and unethical) in the workplace, explains that ethical leadership compounded by supervisor-induced stress can lead to employee deviance and turnover.

July 8, 2022

Baylor Connections: Jason Cook
AUDIO: In this episode of Baylor Connections, Jason Cook shares a “State of the Baylor Brand” report. Cook, vice president of marketing and communications and chief marketing officer, examines the impact of R1 research recognition, Give Light, new facilities, student interest and more on national perception and interest in Baylor University.


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