Baylor in the News – Dec. 6-12, 2020

December 13, 2020

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WACO, Texas (Dec. 13, 2020) – Baylor University researchers and faculty experts were featured in national and local media stories as they shared their thoughts and expertise on human population genetics, "mercy" for nurses as hospitals operate at maximum capacity during COVID-19, the virus's impact on ecotourism risks and the grocery store supply chain, and the discovery of a new genus and species of ichythyosaurus, which lived 150 million years ago.

Dec. 6, 2020

Fulton Sun (Central Missouri): North Callaway, Emergency Meals-to-You serve 53 families
Emergency Meals-to-You (EMTY), a national joint initiative of the Baylor University Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, worked with the North Callaway school district in Missouri to serve 53 families with 106 children over the summer during the pandemic.

Live Science: Is anyone on Earth not an immigrant?
From a scientific point of view, maybe the only people that you could consider not to be immigrants would be some communities in Southern Africa who speak similar languages with distinctive clicking consonants, said Austin Reynolds, Ph.D., assistant professor of anthropology at Baylor, who specializes in human population genetics.

The Dallas Morning News: America’s nurses could use some mercy now
Hospital nurses need some mercy as hospitals operate at maximum capacity during COVID-19. Despite the demands on them, they manage a willing, pleasant spirit — and plead with people to wear masks, writes Robert Darden, professor of journalism, public relations and new media, in this essay.

Dec. 8, 2020

Smithsonian Magazine: How Researchers Are Protecting Great Apes from COVID-19
Michael Muehlenbein, Ph.D., professor and chair of anthropology at Baylor, is quoted in this article about the risks of ecotourism to apes and humans who work at wildlife sanctuaries, as primates and humans are prone to many of the same viruses and infections.

WalletHub: Best College Towns & Cities in America
In this article, T. Laine Scales, Ph.D., professor of social work and Baylor Master Teacher, discusses issues to consider for the safety of women students on college campuses, transportation, volunteer opportunities and childcare.

Dec. 9, 2020

CNN: New ‘sea dragon' species discovered by amateur fossil hunter off English coast
Megan Jacobs, a doctoral candidate in geosciences at Baylor, has identified a new genus and species of ichythyosaurus, which lived 150 million years ago, after the “sea dragon” was discovered by a fossil hunter on the southern English coast. This Baylor research also was covered by various science outlets.

WFAA-TV (Dallas): Interest in nursing soars during coronavirus pandemic across Texas, may address all-time nursing shortage
Linda Plank, Ph.D., interim dean at Baylor University's Louise Herrington School of Nursing, discusses the shortage of nurses and nursing faculty in the United States and the growing need for them during the pandemic, especially as many individuals are feeling the call to help those who are suffering.

The Wall Street Journal: ‘Breaking Bread With the Dead’ Review: Old Books in a New Class
“Breaking Bread with the Dead,” a book written by Alan Jacobs, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Humanities in the Honors Program, is reviewed in this article discussing Jacobs’ take on philosophy and morality in old texts such as “The Iliad,” to guide the reader to a more tranquil mind.

Baptist Standard: Around the State: Irving Church Adapts Thanksgiving Ministry
Two bronze statues were erected on the McLane Stadium Plaza honoring former students who received the Medal of Honor for their leadership in WWII.

Grocery Dive: Grocer of the Year: H-E-B
In this article on grocery chain H-E-B’s preparation and response to the pandemic, Pedro Reyes, Ph.D., associate professor of supply chain management in the Hankamer School of Business, explains the strategic initiatives the company adopted, such as distribution facilities, to continually meet the needs of Texans.

Baptist News Global: Baylor initiative feeds 270,483 children in 43 states amid a global pandemic
As an initiative to deliver food to Texas households in need, the Baylor University Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty delivered about 475,000 Emergency Meals-to-You to student families in 2019. Executive director Jeremy Everett discusses how the initiative has adapted to the pandemic and the support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture —which allowed the program to expand nationally. The initiative also was featured on

Dec. 11, 2020

Baylor Connections: William Bellinger, Ph.D.
AUDIO: The season of Advent provides a time to think, reflect and prepare our hearts for Christmas. In this Baylor Connections, William Bellinger, The W. Marshall and Lulie Craig Chairholder in Bible and Professor of Hebrew/Old Testament, shares thoughts on maintaining a faithful hope amidst the trials of the year. An expert on the Psalms and worship texts of the Old Testament, he examines stories of hope and the bonds of community that resonate today.


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