The Family Awakens: Baylor Law School Hosts 10th Annual McLennan County Adoption Day

November 30, 2017

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WACO, Texas (Nov. 30, 2017) – As families walked through the doors of the makeshift courtroom at Baylor Law School , they were greeted with unfamiliar sights and sounds. Court officials traded their traditional suits and ties for cloaks and robes, and many wielded lightsabers. Among the witnesses for the day's events were a host of Jedi, Stormtroopers and an occasional Wookie.

Baylor Law School hosted the 10th annual McLennan County Adoption Day on Nov. 17, and the Star Wars theme was a hit for the hundreds of people who attended to celebrate the legal adoptions of 33 children into their new families.

In the words of Master Yoda, "Truly wonderful the mind of a child is."

Kevin and Marci Cherwinski are among the many families filled with excitement and anticipation on that Friday afternoon. The Cherwinskis have fostered three young girls − Melanie, Stephanie and Shelby – for more than a year. The family's adoption was made official on Adoption Day.

"All along I felt that this day was going to happen," Kevin Cherwinski said. "There was always a trace of doubt that something might fall through and go wrong, but for some reason I really felt this day was going to happen. It is just a wonderful day to know these girls are legally ours and share our last name."

After the proceedings in the courtroom ended, the three girls excitedly clung to their parents and relatives. Lightsabers in hand, the Cherwinski daughters twirled around in their dresses and squealed with delight.

"I'm excited for my forever family," Shelby Cherwinski said.

Outside the courtroom, the law school hallways were adorned in Star Wars-themed banners, decorations and balloons. Law students – who helped organize, decorate and staff the event – roamed the pathways dressed as Jedi, Yoda and R2-D2.

"It's awesome that we can turn this process into a fun event," said Juan Antono, a law student disguised as a Stormtrooper. "Instead of just going into a serious courtroom and going through the legalities, we can make this a memorable event for both the parents and the children. Our hope is that they will look back on this day with smiles for many years to come."

Memorable it was. Children in balloon hats ran around the courtroom, foam sabers in one hand and giant lollipops in the other. Adoptions were finalized and families shed tears of joy and took photos with the judge.

"Adoption Day at Baylor Law School gives adopting families a dazzling and fun-packed venue in which families are created," said Brad Toben, Baylor Law School dean. "Professor Bridget Fuselier and dozens of our students spend countless hours to create indelible memories for adopting families and the children who have waited for a family to call their own. We were especially delighted that Mrs. Sheila Umphrey served as a grand marshal of the day and shared her family's three-generation miracle of adoption. Sheila and Walter created a special and endearing family legacy through the blessing of adoption."

Ten years ago, Bridget Fuselier, professor of law, founded the Adoption Day program when she hosted an event to celebrate the adoption of 15 children in McLennan County. Since then, the event has celebrated the official adoptions of 255 children.

Fuselier said an event in her early law career changed her life and kindled her passion for adoption.

"I had the opportunity to handle an adoption for a family on Adoption Day," Fuselier said. "The little boy had been neglected since birth until he was placed with his foster parent. This woman gave him the love and care he needed and wanted to be his 'forever family.' She just needed a few hours of my time to do the legal work to make that possible. It was such a direct, positive impact on the life of that family that it has stayed with me all these years later. I love being able to give these families the joyful celebration they truly deserve."

by Brooke Battersby, student newswriter, (254) 710-6805


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