Q&A With Baylor Fulbright Recipient Aaron Reynolds

April 29, 2009

Baylor University senior Aaron M. Reynolds is one of five Baylor students, who have been selected to receive the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship. A senior French major from Grapevine and a member of Baylor's Honors Program, Reynolds will spend the 2009-2010 academic year in France, where he will serve as an English Teaching Assistant (ETA).

Baylor Media Communications recently conducted a Q&A with each of Baylor's Fulbright recipients.

Baylor Media Communications: How did you find out about your Fulbright selection?

Aaron Reynolds: I received my acceptance letter in the mail, and I was excited and overwhelmed at the same time due to the extremely long wait. I called my parents first, and then went to the SUB to share the news with my friends at lunch.

BMC: Why did you decide to apply for the Fulbright and why France?

Reynolds: I applied for the Fulbright because I knew it could give me teaching experience and the opportunity to be immersed in a culture that was not my own. I chose to apply to France specifically because I'm a French major and the language and people really interest me.

BMC: What will you study/research in France?

Reynolds: I will be an English Teaching Assistant next year in France, most likely in a high school, and am really excited about the opportunity to both teach and learn at the same time.

BMC: What are your plans after Baylor AND after the Fulbright?

Reynolds: After Baylor and the Fulbright, I hope to attend grad school for French studies and eventually teach.

BMC: Why did you decide to come to Baylor for your undergraduate study?

Reynolds: I decided to come to Baylor during February of my senior year of high school after Winter Premiere. As soon as I stepped foot on campus I knew I wanted to come here.

BMC: Who are some of the faculty members who helped you in your major, as well as your Fulbright application?

Reynolds: I am so appreciative of all the professors who have helped me along during not only this Fulbright process, but my whole time at Baylor, most notably Dr. Sinda Vanderpool, Dr. Cristian Bratu, Dr. Pat Pierce, Dr. David Uber and Professor Marie Level.