Baylor Theatre presents Eleemosynary

July 7, 2009

by Nincy Mathew, student newswriter, (254) 710-6805

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Baylor Theatre presents Eleemosynary

The play, Eleemosynary, explores the lives of three generations of women through their struggles and triumphs will be presented by Baylor University Theatre at 7:30 pm from Thursday, July 9 through July 11, 2009 in Theatre 11 at the Hooper- Schaefer Fine Arts Center.

This play is directed by Baylor graduate student Shelby Hibbs. Hibbs is currently pursuing her master's degree in directing. The cast includes senior Jenny King as Dorothea, junior Stephanie Meliotes as Artie and junior Elisa Tipton as Echo.

Eleemosynary--meaning "generous" or "the giving of alms"-- begins after Dorothea, the eccentric grandmother, has suffered a stroke. Her condition draws her estranged daughter, Artie, and granddaughter, Echo, together after years of separation. From this moment, a flood of memories pour over the characters as they reassemble their relationships by working through the past.

King said the play explores a family dynamic that is anything but ordinary, yet at the same time, every audience member can find themselves relating to it.

"The stories of these three generations will tug at everyone's heart and memories. We all find a part of ourselves - a part of our stories - in these women," said King.

"The set is also not the normal, traditional living room get-up," King said.

"We establish our settings through body language, lights, levels, and a few props. This has been a wonderful challenge as an actor and I'm excited to show an audience a different scenic backdrop than anything they might have seen before," said King.

This is Hibbs' first production to direct.

Tickets are $15 for general admission or $12 with a student or faculty/staff ID. They may be purchased through the Baylor box office at (254) 710-1865.