University Statements On NCAA Committee On Infractions Report

June 23, 2005

Baylor University released the following statements today regarding the report from the NCAA Committee on Infractions on the men's basketball program.

Statement from Baylor Interim President William D. Underwood:
On behalf of Baylor University, I want to thank the NCAA for working so closely with the university throughout this process. The NCAA's enforcement staff worked hand-in-hand with the university to get at the truth during the university's investigation. Also, Baylor appreciates the support that it and its student-athletes received from the NCAA's eligibility staff and the Big 12 Conference when Baylor, as part of its self-imposed sanctions and corrective measures, requested that NCAA and Big 12 transfer restrictions be waived for every member of the men's basketball team in August of 2003.
Finally, we deeply appreciate the members of the NCAA Committee on Infractions for their thorough, careful and thoughtful consideration of this matter before, during and after our hearing in April. Baylor fully concurs with the conclusions reached by the Committee on Infractions regarding the egregious nature of the violations uncovered during the university's own internal investigation. For this reason, Baylor's self-imposed sanctions were severe and unprecedented. However, Baylor supports the committee's conclusion that additional sanctions are an appropriate message that this kind of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated. We appreciate the Committee's recognition that Baylor University acted in good faith, has exhibited genuine remorse and has responded to the violations in a decisive and meaningful fashion.

Statement from Baylor Director of Athletics Ian McCaw:
"I want to commend Baylor's legal team of Bill Underwood, Kirk Watson, David Guinn and Mike Rogers for their superior investigation and presentation to the NCAA Infractions Committee. The integrity and transparency of this team led to the best outcome possible given the facts involved in this case. In total, this is a very severe set of sanctions; However, I remain optimistic and enthusiastic about the future of Baylor athletics and in particular our men's basketball program under the leadership of Scott Drew."

Statement from Baylor Head Men's Basketball Coach Scott Drew:
"I know our basketball program fully supports and believes in the NCAA. The good news is this case is finally closed, and after this season our basketball team for the first time in three years will have a full set of scholarships and be eligible for all contests. I couldn't be any prouder of Baylor University and the young men on our basketball team. Right now my heart goes out to our players, who are obviously very disappointed. In the Good Book it says 'He will bring it to pass.' Our program continues to focus on the future, and we know that it is bright."