Statement From Big 12 Conference Commissioner Kevin Weiberg On Baylor University Athletics

February 26, 2004

Big 12 Conference Commissioner Kevin Weiberg released the following statement today on Baylor University Athletics:

"From the outset of this investigation, I have felt that Baylor University has been proactive in reviewing the issues related to NCAA rules violations that have come from this case. The university administration has shown that it is prepared to take prompt action as part of this investigation and to self-impose penalties when findings in the case warrant such action. We have been briefed on the progress of the investigation and understand that this self-report will now be filed with the NCAA. We will continue to monitor the NCAA's review of this case and will continue to offer our assistance to Baylor as the process moves forward.
"In upcoming conference meetings, we will also be reviewing the various events that have occurred across the conference from NCAA infractions cases to behavioral problems with student-athletes and coaches. The conference will be evaluating the programs and services we provide to our members and the standards and guidelines that exist in these areas at both the conference and institutional level."