Brabazon, Baylor Announce Resolution Of Potential Claims

May 12, 2004

by Lori Scott Fogleman

Dallas attorney Michael Pezzulli, counsel for Valarie Brabazon, mother of former Baylor University Basketball Player Patrick Dennehy Jr., announced today that there will be no lawsuit filed by Mrs. Brabazon against Baylor or any of its present or past employees arising out of the incidents of the past summer.
Baylor General Counsel Noley Bice, in confirming the resolution of potential claims, stated that the university is indebted to Mrs. Brabazon and her attorneys for the cooperation shown in bringing this matter to a conclusion. In particular, he pointed to Brabazon attorneys Jim Skinner and Michael Pezzulli of Dallas and Mike McCue, also of Dallas, attorney for former Baylor basketball coach Dave Bliss, as examples of how attorneys best serve their clients, where possible, by amicably handling differences without court intervention. He said that these attorneys, along with Baylor outside counsel Roy Barrett, carefully put emotions aside and focused on the rights and needs of all parties in solving the problems of the past summer.
Skinner stated that Mrs. Brabazon and her family wish to thank Baylor, its administration, and staff for responding with sensitivity and caring concern for their needs, since the time of Patrick's untimely death in the summer of 2003. She especially wishes to express the gratitude of the family to President Robert Sloan, Chaplain Todd Lake, and all the students of Baylor for their responsiveness and support during these trying times. Mrs. Brabazon recognizes the upcoming criminal trial of Carlton Dotson will be a tumultuous time for her family and appreciates the emotional and spiritual support she has received from so many in the Waco area. Mrs. Brabazon again wishes to express her thanks to the Baylor administration, students, faculty and staff for the continued outpourings and expressions of love from each.
All parties stated complete and total satisfaction in this disposition, and said that this is the single announcement regarding the events of 2003 and any potential claims arising from those circumstances. Each affirmed that there would be no additional comments beyond the present statement.