Athletics Director Tom Stanton's July 26 Statement

July 26, 2003

Baylor Director of Athletics Tom Stanton released the following statement Saturday, July 26:

"We at Baylor University feel a sense of heartbreak and tragedy after learning of today's developments.
"At Baylor, because of our faith, we rely on providing a sense of belonging and strength. I must tell you that I was truly inspired by Patrick's mom when she was here this week. Valorie Brabazon is a portrait of strength, a woman very proud of her son and his determination to succeed here at Baylor. Our hearts go out to her and the family in this difficult and uncertain time.
"Both President Sloan and I have been in touch with Brian Brabazon today. Dr. Sloan and Dave Bliss are both traveling back to Waco tonight. We all share the family's agony over these past several weeks and the horror his friend has been charged with murder.
"I can tell you that Coach Bliss feels a deep sense of sorrow and despair that something so unreasonable may have happened. Everyone in the basketball program and the university is grieving.
"The university received a call this morning from the Sheriff's Office about the discovery of a body. I can tell you there is no way to prepare for such a call. Immediately we began trying to reach the family as well as the leadership of the university. We also contacted Baylor faculty and staff members who have been serving as spiritual guides during this difficult time.
"The Baylor and Waco community will no doubt turn to its source of strength ... prayer. And while the authorities gather facts, we will ask for God's help to turn our anger and pain into comfort and hope."