Baylor To Host Egg-Drop Competition For National Engineers Week

February 21, 2001

by LoAna Lopez

About 25 high school students from Waco's A.J. Moore Academy, the district's magnate school for business and technology, will visit the Baylor campus to participate in an egg-drop competition at around 10 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 22.
The competition, scheduled for National Engineers Week, will take place from the fifth floor of the Fifth Street parking garage.
After arriving on campus at 9:30 a.m., students will tour the School of Engineering and Computer Science facilities before heading to the parking garage.
Dr. Byron Newberry, associate professor of engineering, said students have worked on their egg-drop devices for the past couple of weeks under the direction of their engineering and technology teacher, Ronald Tipton.
"This is meant to be a fun event that will allow them to utilize some design skills and visit the Baylor engineering department, as well as meet and mingle with Baylor students," Newberry said. "Each student will have designed and constructed a container for the purpose of protecting a raw egg from a fall from the fifth floor of the parking garage onto the sidewalk just down from the entrance to the bookstore. A successful egg container will not only protect the egg against cracking, but will also land close to a target marked on the ground."
Newberry said some modest prizes will be awarded to the winning students, noting that the competition aspect is only a small part of the event.
"The purpose of the event is for fun, to provide an opportunity for interaction between Baylor and A.J. Moore students, and to promote the field of engineering during National Engineers Week," he said.
For more information, contact Newberry at 710-4709.