Baylor Book Society Established

April 14, 1997

The Baylor Book Society has been organized on the Baylor campus to provide an annual and lasting tribute to an individual or group and to supplement annual book purchases of the University Libraries.
A contribution of $500 designates a new member as a "topaz" donor, $1000 is an "emerald" donor, and $1500 earns a donor the title of "diamond" donor. The initial gift to the endowment will be added to the endowment and never spent; donors may add to it at any time. The interest accrued on each $500 will buy one book annually.
A bookplate with the name of the honoree and the donor will be placed in the front of each book purchased with Society funds. Two identical bookplates also will be printed; the first will be presented to the donor as a token of thanks from the Library and the second will remain on permanent display in the library. The honoree also will receive notice of the gift in his name.
Terry Roller, Associate Professor of Art in Baylor's Art Department, designed the bookplates for the society. The Society was first established in 1970 as the Moody Memorial Library Book Fund.
Contact John Wilson at 755-3457 for more information.