Maurice Hunt Named Centennial Professor at Baylor

February 26, 1996

Dr. Maurice Hunt, professor of English at Baylor University, has been named Baylor's Centennial Professor for 1996, an award established by the Baylor Class of 1945 to celebrate Baylor's founding 100 years earlier in Independence, Texas.
The amount of the 1996 award is $2,500 to be used for any undertaking which would facilitate the development of a faculty member's ability to function as a university professor, such as foreign study, research work or purchase of equipment or material for a research project.
Hunt joined the Baylor faculty in 1981. He earned his bachelor's degree with distinction and high honors in English from the University of Michigan and his master's degree and doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley.
Hunt has published numerous books, essays and publications many of which focus on the works of William Shakespeare. Hunt's interest in Shakespeare goes back to his dissertation which was titled "Ways of Knowing in Shakespeare's Last Plays." Most recently, Hunt read a paper at the fifth Clemson Shakespeare Festival at Clemson University titled "Gobalism and the Microview in Shakespeare's Late Romances."
"Dr. Hunt was selected to receive the Centennial Professor award because of his work on Shakespeare, and this is clearly a way to contribute to the work he has already established," said Dr. Thomas J. Proctor, professor and chair of educational psychology and chair of the Centennial Professor Development Review Committee.
The Centennial Professor award is funded by an endowment fund to support faculty development. For more information, call Proctor at 755-6166.