Former Berkner Students Named Editors at Baylor

May 9, 1996

WACO, Texas - Two former Richardson Berkner students have been named editors of Baylor University's student newspaper, The Lariat, and yearbook, the Round-Up, the first time ever two students from the same high school have held those positions.
Kevin Johnson has been named The Lariat editor-in-chief and Stephanie Gooch has been selected Round-Up editor-in-chief. At Berkner, Johnson was an editor of the school newspaper and Gooch was the yearbook editor.
"I talked to Catherine Weigel, the student media adviser at Berkner," said Baylor student media adviser Jason Ranton. "She said in the 18 years she has been at Berkner, hands-down the number one newspaper editor she has had was Kevin Johnson, and the number one yearbook editor was Stephanie Gooch."
Taylor Publishing Co., which publishes the Round-Up, has begun offering a full scholarship to the editor of the Round-Up. Gooch will be the first recipient. According to Ranton, Taylor Publishing has roots at Baylor: the founder of the company, H.C. Taylor, is a 1916 graduate of Baylor and was Round-Up editor.
For more information, contact Ranton at 755-3261.