Charles and Betty Talbert Accept Baylor Appointments

April 16, 1996

by Brenda Tacker

WACO, Texas - Drs. Charles and Betty Weaver Talbert have accepted positions in the Department of Religion and George W. Truett Theological Seminary, respectively, at Baylor University.
Dr. Charles Talbert, currently professor of religion at Wake Forest University, will become the Distinguished Professor of Religion in New Testament Studies in the Department of Religion at Baylor.
Dr. Betty Weaver Talbert will become the director of Spiritual Formation at Baylor's George W. Truett Theological Seminary. She holds a similar position at Trinity Center, Inc. in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
The appointments become effective at the beginning of the fall 1996 semester.
Charles Talbert received his bachelor of arts from Howard College (now Samford University), master of divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and doctorate from Vanderbilt University. An internationally respected New Testament scholar, he has taught at Wake Forest since 1963, written or edited more than 15 books, and published numerous articles in scholarly journals.
He is the general editor for two series being published by Crossroad Press and has served as the editor of the Dissertation Series for the Society of Biblical Literature and the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion. He is a member of the prestigious Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, the international society for New Testament scholars. He also is past president of the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion and the Southeastern Regional Society of Biblical Literature.
"I am thrilled that Baylor University will be enriched by the presence of the Talberts," said Baylor President Robert B. Sloan Jr. "Charles Talbert brings to the university a passionate commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ, a demonstrated commitment to the church of Jesus Christ, and a profound commitment to the task of biblical scholarship and an unwavering loyalty to Baptist principles. We look forward to many years of collegial service and productivity. Dr. Talbert's coming to Baylor is a sign of the university's ongoing dedication to Christian scholarship of the highest order."
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Dr. Glenn Hilburn, chair of the Baylor Department of Religion, said, "The department is honored by Dr. Talbert's acceptance of our invitation to join our faculty. He comes with impeccable academic, professional and personal credentials."
Dr. Mikeal Parsons, associate professor of religion at Baylor, said, "We are very pleased to have Dr. Talbert join our department. He is truly an internationally renowned New Testament scholar held in the highest regards in the academic community, and, at the same time, he is a committed churchman who views his teaching and writing as part of his calling to enrich the life of the church."
Dr. Alan Culpepper, dean of the Mercer School of Theology and formerly professor of religion at Baylor, said, "Charles Talbert's appointment means that Baylor will continue to enhance its reputation for using seasoned scholars in the classroom and for teaching religion with both integrity and conviction. I am personally delighted with his appointment. Graduate students and those who have been considering applying for admission to the Ph.D. program in religion must be cheering."
Dr. Betty Weaver Talbert holds bachelor and master of arts degrees from Vanderbilt and a doctorate from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She is working on a master of arts at Wake Forest.
"Dr. Talbert will work on developing and overseeing the spiritual formation of our students at Truett," said Dr. Brad Creed, dean of the seminary. "She will work with our Covenant groups, provide counseling and vocational assessment for students and teach courses related to spiritual formation. She impresses me with her own deep faith, her concern and compassion for students, and commitment to strengthening the spiritual vitality of congregations and individuals."
Since 1982, she has offered spiritual direction and religious counseling at the Trinity Center in Winston-Salem. Her past experience includes developing spiritual formation programs for churches and seminaries, writing spiritual formation manuals for various denominations and creating programs on how to use Christian spirituality in therapy settings. She teaches theological education classes in the areas of church history, theology for Christian Life, theology of devotional practice and faith development theory.
For more information, contact the Department of Religion at (817) 755-3735 or Truett Seminary at (817) 755-3755.