Carbonara to Head New Technology Management Institute

May 8, 1996

WACO, Texas - Baylor University President Robert B. Sloan Jr. has appointed Dr. Corey P. Carbonara, professor and director of telecommunications, as associate vice president for technology management, where Carbonara will lead Baylor's efforts in developing innovative distance learning programs.
"We believe there is a special value in distance learning, and Dr. Carbonara's great expertise in telecommunications gives Baylor a tremendous opportunity to move forward in this arena," said Dr. J. Clifton Williams, vice president for human resources and planning.
Williams said that Baylor has been looking for several months at the possibility of developing a research organization to bring in external research funds. According to Williams, research funds available to universities have begun to dry up in recent years, especially funds from government sources, and it has become necessary to develop strategic research partnerships with various business organizations that are involved in applied, developmental research.
Because of this need and a desire to take advantage of distance learning opportunities, Baylor has formed the Institute for Technology Innovation Management. Carbonara will serve as executive director for the institute which will be operational by the beginning of the 1996 fall semester. The Institute for Technology Innovation Management will report to Williams.
"The initiation of the Institute for Technology Innovation Management is truly a creative act by Baylor and comes at a time when academia, business and government are being reshaped by the impact of enormous breakthroughs in digital telecommunications which foster more cooperative strategic relationships," Carbonara said.
"Baylor's emphasis on technology management helps to position the institution as a leader in innovative and networked learning worldwide. It places Baylor at the forefront of helping to create new paradigms for education in the 21st century," he added.

Carbonara is a worldwide leader in the management of technology through his work on digital multimedia and high definition television. He has held management positions with Sony, Columbia Pictures and Caterpillar. Carbonara taught at Baylor from 1983-85 before working at Sony as the product manager in charge of high definition television for the United States.
He returned to Baylor in 1986 to teach creative and innovative management and technology commercialization in collaboration with the Institute for Innovation, Creativity and Capital (IC2 Institute) of the University of Texas at Austin, where he has been appointed as a senior research fellow.
In his role as executive director for the Institute for Technology Innovation Management, Carbonara will help with developing symposia and conferences on technology management in collaboration with strategic partners in business, government and/or other academic institutions. He also will assist Baylor faculty, staff and students with learning and managing new technologies and creating new distance learning programs.
For more information, contact Carbonara at (817) 755-1511.