Baylor Ranks High in High School Counselor Survey

January 8, 1996

WACO, Texas - In a recent study of high school guidance counselors, Baylor University is among three colleges in Texas receiving the highest rating for overall education in the state.
The universities receiving the highest ratings were Baylor, Rice University and Austin College. The study was conducted by Collegiate Information Services, which polled high school guidance counselors across the nation.
The poll asked the counselors to rate schools in the following criteria: overall quality of education; leadership opportunities; financial aid opportunities; academic programs; athletic programs; social life; value for the money; personal attention from faculty; good job prospects after graduation; and campus safety.
Baylor, Rice and Austin College all received the highest ratings for overall quality of education. More than 800 universities and colleges were considered for the rankings.
The survey sampled 502 high school guidance counselors during the 1994-95 academic year.
For more information, call Fran Caruso of Collegiate Information Services at (203) 698-0077.