Baylor Professor Publishes Two Chemistry Manuals

June 7, 1996

Dr. Alton Hassell, lecturer in chemistry, has recently published two solutions manuals to a pair of chemistry text books.
The manuals are titled "Solutions Manual for General Chemistry" and "Selected Solutions Manual for General Chemistry."
The manuals accompany text books that are used in general and beginning chemistry courses. Hassell said readability is important when writing for a beginning chemistry student.
"The difficulty in writing a manual is writing the solution in an understandable manner," Hassell said.
The authors of the text books for which Hassell wrote the solutions manuals are Dr. John Hill, professor of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls, and Dr. Ralph Petrucci, professor of chemistry at California State University at San Bernadino.
The authors of the texts books are two of the most respected chemistry authors in the country, Hassell said. Hassell also serves as a chemistry book reviewer for chemistry companies.
"I was pleased to write the manuals because of the respect I have for Hill and Petrucci."
For more information, contact Hassell at 755-3311.