Baylor to Present 'A Shayna Maidel' Feb. 21-24

February 13, 1996

The Baylor Theater will present "A Shayna Maidel" at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 21-24, in the Jones Theater, located in the Hooper-Schafer Fine Arts Center. A matinee performance will be held at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 24.
The production was designed and directed by Lisa Denman, as part of her thesis production.
The title of the play means "a pretty maid" in Yiddish.
The play, written by Barbara Lebow, is about a family's experience in the aftermath of the Holocaust. The play deals with the reunion of a family separated for 18 years. After her release from Auschwitz, Lusia goes to New York City to be with her father, Mordechai, and her sister, Rose. The family has to deal with how to reconnect.
Denman said she chose the play because she wanted to select something from a woman's perspective.
According to Denman, who has been in contact with Lebow, Lebow began the play as a story of a family separated and then reunited. She said the play is about a family that any family can relate to, not necessarily Holocaust survivors.
Lusia is played by Stephanie Wells of Dallas. Lusia's sister, Rose, is played by Regan Thompson of Austin. Mordechai, the sisters' father, is played by Norm Taylor of Irving.
Tickets are $6 and are available at the theater box office.
For more ticket information, call 755-1865.