Baylor to Offer Minor in Gender Studies

June 7, 1996

WACO, Texas - What difference does gender make in education, employment and marriage?
Students at Baylor University will have the chance to explore these questions as part of a new gender studies program beginning in the fall 1996 semester.
A minor in gender studies will give both male and female students the opportunity to study the world and its inhabitants from the perspective of gender. The basic program consists of courses in various departments which students can combine according to their interests. The objective is to provide conceptualizations of men and women: the popular and academic, social and political, cultural and philosophical, economic and scientific.
"The advantage of having a gender studies program now rather than the 1970s is that our program will focus on both male and female issues rather than solely on women or men," said Dr. Patricia Wallace, professor of history and chair of the gender studies minor. "This perspective is valid because men and women live and work together."
The gender studies minor will be housed in the Department of History. Students will be able to select from a variety of classes such as "Women in African Life and Thought," "Women Writers," "History of Women in Latin America," or "Women's Health Concepts," "Philosophical Issues in Feminism," "Psychology of Women" and "History of the American Woman."
For more information, contact Wallace at (817) 755-2667.