Baylor Hosts Student Ministry Leaders Conference

May 27, 1996

The Baylor University Baptist Student Ministries (BSM) recently hosted directors and student officers from approximately 20 BSM across the state in the first Advanced Leadership Training Seminar.
Clif Mouser, director of the Baylor BSM, said state leaders felt it would be beneficial to get student leaders together over the summer break to help strengthen their leadership skills and prepare them for ministry in the fall. The conference consisted of numerous seminars and lectures and also interaction between the leaders of the various BSM which Mouser said was the highlight of the conference.
"The students said that the seminars were stimulating and helpful, but what they enjoyed most was just talking and brainstorming with other leaders and hearing what is going on at other campuses," Mouser said.
Baylor BSM president Gavin Black echoed Mouser's statements about the success of the program, saying he learned a lot about himself as a leader and how he relates to others. He also said he was encouraged by his discussion with student leaders from other campuses.
Each campus that participated sent its director, student president and vice president. The seminars were led by Tom Ruane, state BSM director; Bruce McGowan, associate state BSM director; Brad Gray, consultant with National Student Ministries of the Southern Baptist Convention; Bob Mayfield, BSM director at Tyler Junior College and the University of Texas at Tyler; and Mouser.
For more information, contact Mouser at 755-3215.