Baylor to Host University for Young People in June

May 24, 1996

Baylor University's School of Education will host its 14th annual University for Young People (UYP), a program for gifted and talented students entering grades 1-8. The program will be held in two sessions, from June 3-14 and from June 17-28.
Students are selected on the basis of achievement test scores, aptitude measurements, teachers' observations, parents' observations and students' creative products.
Students entering grades 1-3 will participate in a space program June 24-28 at Hillcrest Professional Development School. The students will learn how astronauts are trained, how spaceships are constructed, how astronomers study planets and stars, or how authors create science fiction stories.
The intermediate level is grouped by grades 4-5 or 6, 7 and 8. Students may choose among courses in computers, foreign languages, mathematics, economics, social studies, chemistry, physical education, biology, leadership, language arts, journalism, broadcasting, debate or drama.
One class offered during the June 17-28 session for grades 4-6 is titled "Use Your Noodle." Students will study the basic functions of the brain and learn about Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.
The program began in 1982 with 23 students, but more than 300 students are expected to attend this summer, said Linda Cox, director of UYP and full-time lecturer of curriculum and instruction at Baylor.
For more information, contact Cox at 755-3113.