Barrow Receives Museum Association Honor

June 14, 1996

Jill Barrow, director of Baylor University's Ollie Mae Moen Discovery Center, recently received the 1996 Distinguished Staff Award from the Museum Association of Waco.
Barrow joined the Discovery Center as a volunteer in 1982 and became director in 1989. Under her direction, a recycling room, invertebrate room, butterfly room, transportation room, and three physical science rooms have been added to the center. She also established a curriculum course in the center with Baylor education majors.
An education major in college herself, Barrow said she could not ask for a better job than teaching young people through the Discovery Center.
"I have always loved museums and I wanted to do something with children," Barrow said. "This is my dream job. I love what I am doing."
One of the main attractions of the Discovery Center is its recycling room. The room also was recently recognized by the Keep Waco Beautiful Association and given the Notable Achievement Award by the Recycling Association of Texas.
The Discovery Center was visited by more than 21,000 students in the 1995-96 school year. Another 19,000 school children viewed discovery boxes which are educational resources that are checked out from the center. Barrow was elected this year as a state representative to the Texas Association of Museum Education Committee.
For more information, contact Barrow at 757-0922.