Tippit Named Director of Recruitment

August 29, 1995

Teri D. Tippit, a 1991 Baylor University graduate, has been named director of Baylor's Office of Recruitment.
Tippit has served as acting director since April and was associate director of the office from September 1993 until March 1995. She began her career in the office as an admissions counselor in 1991, and was promoted to assistant director later that year.
The previous accomplishments and Christian character of Tippit made her an obvious choice for the position, according to Dr. William D. Hillis, vice president for student life and the Cornelia Marschall Smith Professor of Biology.
"She has more experience than anyone in the recruitment department and has excellent credentials," Hillis said. "She is well qualified and everyone knows that without question."
Since 1991, the Baylor Office of Recruitment has experienced significant growth in the number of admission applications to Baylor. In 1992 the number of applicants grew from 4,500 to 6,000, topped 6,900 in 1993-94 and this year's applications have increased to 7,300.
"Our ultimate goal is to increase our applicant pool," Tippit said. "The more applications we can generate, the higher quality of student we can get for the university." Increasing the applicant pool is partly accomplished through contacting students as early as their junior year in high school, she said.
"One of the highest factors in helping a student decide a college is contact from a university representative. The personal attention you get at Baylor is what sets Baylor apart and we want to make sure we are providing the best service available to students."
For more information, call Tippit at 755-3435.