Proposed Statement

August 11, 1995

WACO, Texas-Baylor University officials met with the NCAA's Committee on Infractions Friday, with President Robert B. Sloan Jr. saying that "Baylor thoroughly presented its case.
"We showed the committee that we cooperated fully when we discovered violations occurred, that we conducted a rigorous investigation and that we issued self-imposed sanctions that are among the strongest any school has ever imposed on itself. We feel like the hearings went well, and we now await the final ruling by the NCAA on our men's program."
Sloan said a ruling on Baylor men's basketball program could come at any time, but "in all likelihood, we're told we'll be informed in the next 4-6 weeks about the final disposition of the case.
"We are eager to hear the ruling, to get the entire matter behind us and move forward with our athletic program."
Sloan and nine other Baylor representatives attended the Committee on Infractions meeting held in Monterey, Calif.