Partners Grant Provides Video Camera for Christmas Project

December 4, 1995

A Teacher Action Research grant provided to Hillcrest Professional Development School through the PARTNERS project at Baylor University's School of Education has provided for the purchase of a video camera, CD player and CDs, and art materials for use in a Christmas project involving 48 kindergarten children.
The children will use the new equipment to record the events of four field trips between Dec. 4-6, including visits at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 6, to the Jeffrey Place Nursing Center and at noon Wednesday, Dec. 6, to the Animal Shelter of Waco.
After the field trips, the children will return to school to edit the four video tapes and produce a final video to present to parents at the annual Hillcrest Christmas Party Dec. 12.
"It is a chance to see the field trips through the eyes of a 5- or-6-year-old," said Melissa Cates, one of the lead teachers with the Hillcrest project.
The children will be divided into four groups for the project. Half of the children will receive training on the camera before going on the field trips while the other half of the children will use the camera for the first time at the field trip site. Teachers want to see how much training is retained at that young age.
For more information, contact Dr. Betty Conaway, associate professor of curriculum and instruction and director of the PARTNERS project, at 755-3111.