Hillcrest Donates $35,000 X-Ray Machine to Baylor

November 15, 1995

WACO, Texas - Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center of Waco has recently donated an X-ray machine to the Baylor University athletic department for use in treating injured athletes.
The machine, called a "cap mobile," is valued at $35,000, according to Don Dodd, director of the radiology department at Hillcrest. The machine is housed in the training room at Floyd Casey Stadium and is currently in use.
"The machine is several years old, but it's in excellent shape. We've fully tested it and it's in perfect working condition," said Dodd.
Hillcrest will also donate the services of two X-ray technicians who will be at all future home football games, Dodd said. The technicians are fully licensed by the state of Texas.
Though housed at Floyd Casey Stadium, the machine will be available to all Baylor athletes in every sport, according to Mike Sims, head trainer at Baylor.
"It's a very nice gesture by Hillcrest and it's a piece of equipment that will get heavy use," Sims said. "It's a rare week when we don't have to take an X-ray of one of our athletes. We can get the results back in just 60 seconds, and that helps us determine what type of treatment to give the injury. We have almost 300 athletes on scholarship, and X-rays are frequently needed."
For more information, call Sims at 755-1021.