Former Church-State Studies Director Publishes Books

September 22, 1995

The Separation of Church & State Defended and Reflections on Church-State, two books involving Dr. James E. Wood and his relationship with Baylor University's church-state issues, recently have been published.
The Separation of Church & State Defended is a book about James E. Wood, Jr., former director of the J.M. Dawson Institute for Church-State Studies at Baylor University, and includes a compilation of 20 of his articles from his writings for the Journal of Church and State. The articles provide challenging insight for analyzing the church-state relationship. The book was compiled and edited by Derek H. Davis, current director for Church-State Studies, and includes a biography of Wood.
"I undertook [the writing of this book] to honor Dr. Wood as one of the leading scholars of church-state relations and religious liberty," Davis said.
Reflections on Church-State includes essays by Wood that trace the growth of church-state relationships in this country. Also included are several essays discussing the international aspects of the relationships between governments and other religions. Both books offer a rich history of church and state relationships while providing information from various perspectives, Davis said.
Wood is considered an authority in church-state relations and has been actively involved in the defense of these relations for more that 40 years. He is frequently asked to lecture on church-state relationships and he has published numerous papers on the subject.
For more information about these books, contact the Institute of Church-State Studies at 755-1571.