Cashier's Office Moves to Robinson Tower

August 21, 1995

The main Cashier's Office of Baylor University has moved to the Clifton Robinson Tower, located at 700 S. University Parks Drive.
The new Cashier's Office location has ample parking, a larger lobby and four drive-thru windows. Most student services can be handled at the drive-thru windows.
Trolley service to the Tower will soon be made available.
Several other offices have also relocated to Robinson Tower, including Personnel Services, Personnel Benefits and the Payroll Office.
The Cashier's Office Annex, previously located at 1514 South Fifth Street, has moved to the Baylor Parking Garage at 1201 South Fifth. Students may make long-distance telephone payments, cash checks and make other miscellaneous payments at this location.
The Telephone Collections Office at 1514 South Fifth Street has been closed.
The hours of operation at both locations are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
For more information, contact Bill Kirkland at 755-2311.