Baylor Purchases Final Four Floor for Ferrell Center

September 5, 1995

WACO, Texas - Baylor University has purchased the basketball floor used during the 1995 NCAA Final Four to replace the current floor at the Ferrell Center, according to Rob Seitz, Ferrell Center director.
The new floor, used for only three games during the championship tournament, measures 69 feet by 112 feet and will be a welcome addition for men's and women's basketball games and volleyball matches held in the Ferrell Center, Seitz said.
"The old floor was the one used at the Heart O' Texas Coliseum, and it was in pretty bad shape," Seitz said. "We needed a new floor, and this one was a real bargain."
According to Jim Trego, associate athletic director, the floor cost $69,000 and "that's far less than we would have had to pay for a new floor. The people who made it told us it was perfect - it has no flaws whatsoever.
"We think the fans will really like it," Trego added. "It has a big bear paw imprinted on it and the words 'Baylor' and 'Ferrell Center.' Plus, the fact this floor was used for a national championship game makes it unique."
The floor is made of maple hardwood and can be put down and reassembled "a hundred times a year if we want to," Trego said. "The old floor was not meant to be taken up as often as it was, and that's one reason it was in such bad shape."
For more information, call Trego at (817) 755-1234,