Baylor Officials to Appear Before NCAA Committee

August 8, 1995

WACO, Texas-Baylor University President Robert B. Sloan Jr., Chancellor Herbert H. Reynolds and several other Baylor officials will appear before the NCAA Committee on Infractions Friday, Aug. 11, in Monterey, Calif.
"We will meet with the Committee on Infractions for a review of our case, and we will stress to the NCAA that we acted as quickly and decisively on our men's basketball situation as we possibly could," Sloan said. "From the time the violations occurred in 1993 until the time we discovered them was less than one month, and we self-reported the violations to the NCAA.
"Dr. Reynolds (Baylor president at the time of the infractions) acted courageously by issuing what may be the harshest self-imposed penalties ever by an NCAA-member school," he said.
"We have admitted there were wrongdoings. We took quick and severe action. And we have tried to cooperate as thoroughly as possible with the NCAA in this matter. We maintain a position at Baylor that is identical to that of the NCAA-we absolutely will not tolerate academic fraud in any form.
"We are very eager to hear the NCAA's final ruling so that we may put the whole matter behind us, and we look forward to a promising future in intercollegiate athletics."
On Oct. 7, 1994, Baylor self-imposed major sanctions on its men's basketball program. The sanctions were imposed by Reynolds, who said at that time, "We hope this action will be seen for what it is-a public statement and condemnation of the serious misconduct involved in this case, and an unmistakable message that actions of this kind will not be tolerated at Baylor University."
In addition to Sloan and Reynolds, representatives from Baylor attending the hearings in California will include: David Guinn, Master Teacher of Law and faculty athletic representative to the Southwest Conference; Dr. Dick Ellis, Baylor athletic director; Dr. James S. Netherton, vice president and chief operating officer for administration; Kirk Watson, legal counsel retained by Baylor; Sue Herring, associate registrar; Louis Muldrow and William D. Underwood, professors in the Baylor School of Law; and Harry Miller, current men's basketball coach.