Baylor to Offer Continuing Education Courses

August 10, 1995

Baylor University's Office of Continuing Education will offer weeknight seminars covering a variety of topics during the 1995 fall semester.
Costs for classes range from $35-$55, on average. However, some special interest and computer classes may cost more.
Classes generally meet once or twice a week for 5-6 weeks, starting in September. Courses are offered every day of the week except Friday.
A special topic offered this session is "Civil War Round Table," taught by Gerald Powell, program coordinator. The course is designed to provide a forum for lectures and other programs pertaining to the Civil War. Lectures by several distinguished speakers also will be included in the course.
One unique course offered is "Making Sense of Vietnam," which will explore how and why the U.S. went to war, as well as why the effort failed.
Also being offered is a course titled "Managing Records: The Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions." Designed for employees of both large and small businesses, the class will address such issues as records inventory, microfilming versus imaging, and disaster recovery.
Other special interest topics include "Defensive Driving" and "The World of Gems: From Amber to Zircon."
For more information, call the Office of Continuing Education at 755-3550.