Baylor Names Distinguished Professors

August 9, 1995

Baylor University recently named several individuals to the position of Distinguished Professor, a designation reserved for only two percent of the Baylor faculty.
Those persons named include: Dr. Robert G. Collmer, Distinguished Professor of English; Dr. Harold H. Beaver, Distinguished Professor of Geology; Dr. J. Clifton Williams, vice president for human resources and planning, emeritus professor of management and Distinguished Professor of Management; Dr. Roger E. Kirk, director of the Institute of Graduate Statistics, Master Teacher and Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Statistics; Dr. Bob E. Patterson, Distinguished Professor of Religion; Dr. William D. Hillis, vice president for student life and The Cornelia M. Smith Distinguished Professor of Biology; Dr. F.G.A. Stone, The Robert A. Welch Distinguished Professor of Chemistry; Dr. James E. Wood Jr., The Simon and Ethel Bunn Distinguished Professor of Church-State Studies; and Dr. Richard M. Willis, professor, Composer-in-Residence and The Mable and L.N. Yeager Distinguished Professor of Music.
These individuals join others previously named by then-Baylor President Herbert H. Reynolds: Dr. Russell H. Dilday, Distinguished Professor of Homiletics and interim dean of the George W. Truett Theological Seminary; Sir Robert Rhodes James, Distinguished Visiting Professor of History and Politics; Dr. Robert T. Miller, emeritus professor and The R.W. Morrison Distinguished Professor of Political Science; Dr. W. Winfred Moore, The W. Winfred and Elizabeth Moore Visiting Distinguished Professor in Ministry Guidance; Robert L. Reid, Distinguished Professor of History and Master Teacher; and Dr. J.R. Schofield, university consultant on premedical education and Distinguished Visiting Professor of the History of Medicine.
Distinguished professors must be highly capable teachers who are dedicated to their field of study and respected by their colleagues. In addition, the professors must be persons of character and possess a remarkable reputation beyond the Baylor campus based on their research and publication experience.
Baylor also recognizes outstanding faculty with the distinctions of Master Teacher and In-Residence Professor. The university currently has 14 Master Teachers and eight In-Residence Professors.