Baylor to Host WMU Leadership Conference Aug. 9-12

August 3, 1995

The 45th annual Texas Leadership Conference of the Woman's Missionary Union (WMU) will be held on the Baylor University campus Wednesday through Saturday, Aug. 9-12.
The conference is divided into two sessions. Session I begins Wednesday and ends Friday. Session II is Friday through Saturday.
Speakers will include numerous state, home and foreign missionaries.
The Bible study for the conference is "Risk the Journey." General sessions will be devoted to conferences on the tasks of WMU and churchwide involvement, as well as conferences on WMU's tasks according to age-level organizations. In addition, special interest conferences will deal with issues and aspects of missions, including AIDS awareness, childcare screening, communicating cross-culturally and sharing Jesus through literacy missions.
The conference will include mission education training in the English and Spanish languages during both sessions. Session I also will include conferences conducted in the Korean language, while Session II will provide training spoken in Cambodian, Chinese, and Ethiopian/Eritrean. In addition, Session II will provide training for deaf congregations.
For more information, call Joy Fenner at the Woman's Missionary Union of Texas at (214) 828-5156.