Baylor Chamber of Commerce Recognized for Service

September 21, 1995

The Baylor University Chamber of Commerce was recently recognized for its eight years of service to the Baylor Appreciation Program.
According to Cody Knowlton, area director of development for the Office of University Relations, Chamber was recognized for its leadership and efforts to the department, specifically to the Baylor Appreciation Program. Chamber president Tom Oney accepted the award.
The program, now called the Senior Gift Program, was established 10 years ago to give graduating seniors the opportunity to donate their general university deposit to Baylor in honor of the person of their choice, or designate to a specific fund.
Baylor Chamber took over the operation of the program in 1987, under the supervision of the Office of University Relations. The Chamber has coordinated all aspects of the program, including designing brochures, mailouts and donor contacts. With the Chamber of Commerce's help, more $83,650 have been raised and 1,161 donors have contributed to the program.
For more information, contact Tom Oney at 755-3322, or Cody Knowlton at 755-8509.