Baylor Alumnus Presents Gift to Chemistry Department

September 27, 1995

Baylor University alumnus Dr. Chung Chi Chou has donated $2,000 to the Department of Chemistry that has been matched by his employer, Domino Sugar Corp., for a total of $4,000.
Chou, who resides in New York City, has also pledged to give Baylor another $2,000 that will also be matched by Domino Sugar in January.
The donation will be distributed evenly between the James L. McAtee Jr. Endowment Fund and the Thomas C. and Nellie Franklin Endowment Fund. These funds are set up in honor of former Baylor faculty to benefit the chemistry department.
"The James L. McAtee Jr. Endowment Fund supplements teaching assistantships for graduate students, and provides a fund to enlarge stipends, making Baylor more competitive nationally in the search for top graduate students," said Dr. Marianna A. Busch, professor and chair of the Department of Chemistry. "It also provides teaching assistantships in undergraduate student laboratories.
"The Thomas C. and Nellie Franklin Endowment Fund provides money for undergraduate assistantships teaching lower-level laboratory courses, as well as funding trips to scientific conferences. Aid is also given for undergraduate research projects, which is part of the degree plan for chemistry majors," Dr. Busch said.
According to Virginia Feind, Baylor's gift accounting coordinator, the money originally donated by Chou and Domino Sugar "will not be touched, only the earnings from the endowments will be used by the department for current needs."
For more information, contact Busch at 755-3311.