Baylor Students Use Summer School to Zero In on Subjects, Graduate Sooner

May 21, 2020

Baylor University Campus (Matthew Minard, Baylor Marketing & Communications)

New discounted summer course bundles are open for current, incoming and future students

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WACO, Texas (May 21, 2020) – Baylor University’s May Minimester is underway, and students are currently enrolling in large numbers for the University’s Summer of Discovery with two online summer sessions from June 2-July 7 and July 9-August 12, respectively.

Summer classes at Baylor provide an opportunity for students to zero in on their studies and pull ahead, said Carroll Crowson, assistant director of Student Success Initiatives and manager of the outreach and assessment program in Baylor’s Paul L. Foster Success Center.

“Because summer classes are faster paced and, typically, you are only taking one or two classes at a time, you can really put your total focus on that subject matter,” Crowson said. “There are many benefits to taking classes in the summer.”

Among those benefits, Crowson said, students who take summer courses:

  • are more likely to graduate in four years,
  • have flexibility to take electives and explore course content they would not have time or capacity for in their fall and spring course loads,
  • are able to take classes that contribute to their minors and other concentrations,
  • are able to give intense focus to their subject, due to a compact timeframe, and
  • save on tuition and increase time for earning potential.

“Summer classes prove to be highly beneficial for timely graduation. As our statistics show, overall four-year graduation rates are 15% higher for students who take summer classes at any point during their time at Baylor versus students who take no summer classes,” Crowson said. “Remember, an additional semester or year spent in school doesn’t just cost you in tuition and fees, but it’s a double cost because you are also missing out on wages you could be earning if you had graduated in four years.”

Earlier this year, Baylor announced the launch of its new Summer of Discovery, an innovative online collection of discounted summer course bundles designed for returning Baylor students, incoming Baylor students and rising high school seniors (students heading into their senior year).

Returning Baylor students and incoming freshmen learn alongside their peers and have the assurance that the classes will support most degree plans and majors. For rising high school seniors, Baylor’s Summer of Discovery offers opportunities to take online courses with Baylor’s prestigious faculty at discounted rates for college credit and potential early admission to the University.

“For our incoming students, online summer courses can help them get a taste of what Baylor courses demand while still having the consistency of a home environment they are familiar with,” Crowson said. “For our continuing students, after making the leap to online learning this spring, they might enjoy taking some additional classes in the online space since they have already adjusted.”

Course bundles through the Baylor Summer of Discovery are meant to serve the broad needs of students. Academic advisors are available to help students select the combination of courses that is best for their academic progress within the discounted tuition price.

Current Baylor students receive greater discounts as the number of classes taken increases:

  • Take 6 hours or less at regular summer tuition $1,392/hour.
  • Take 7-9 hours at a discounted tuition of $1,000/hour and save up to $3,528.
  • Take 10+ hours at a discounted tuition of $750/hour and save $6,420 or more.

Entering first-year students who want to get a jump start on their Baylor experience with classes taught by Baylor faculty also will receive greater discounts as they take more classes:

  • Take 6 credit hours at a discounted flat tuition rate of $3,500 and save nearly $5,000 on regular summer tuition.
  • Take 9 credit hours at a discounted flat tuition rate of $5,000 and save more than $7,500.

Rising high school seniors hoping to get a head start on their college careers will receive tuition discounts as well:

  • Take 6 credit hours at a discounted flat tuition rate of $3,500 and save nearly $5,000 on regular summer tuition.
  • Take 9 credit hours at a discounted flat tuition rate of $5,000 and save more than $7,500.
  • No ACT or SAT required. A high school transcript is all that is needed.

The Baylor Summer of Discovery will make it easy for rising high school seniors to get started on their academic pursuits.

Students who successfully complete nine hours of course credit with a 3.0 GPA or higher will earn conditional admission to Baylor University as part of the 2021 entering class. In addition, these students will receive a $1,000 scholarship toward their first year at Baylor.

“For Baylor’s incoming freshmen and rising high school seniors, instead of saying you have to wait to engage with the Baylor family, we’re embracing students now – right where they are. We want them to get engaged with the Baylor community and our exceptional faculty and see for themselves if they are Baylor Bears while they complete courses online from home this summer,” said Jessica King Gereghty, assistant vice president of undergraduate admissions and enrollment. “These online course bundles will help students get ahead on core course requirements that will apply to a range of Baylor degrees, but are also transferable should they decide to attend another university.”

For more information, visit the Baylor University Summer of Discovery website at


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