McGee Appointed To Environmental Journal Editorial Board

February 26, 2001

Dr. Daniel McGee, professor of religion at Baylor University, has been named to the editorial board of the Journal of Global Environmental Issues, a new publication by Inderscience Publishers that will examine management and policy of environmental issues and was developed as part of a series of journals that cover different aspects of science and engineering.
The journal will emphasize such topics as human environment and control, bio-diversity, global warming and climate change, future visions and other issues. As a member of the board, McGee will help guide and direct the editorial policy of the journal.
"I am encouraged that this new journal is undertaking the task of examining the environmental challenges of our day from an interdisciplinary and international perspective," McGee said. "Hopefully, through it we can put in perspective the extent to which the human race around the world is bound together in the task of sharing and sustaining creation."
A member of the Baylor faculty since 1966, McGee specializes in ethics and its implications on families, business, the environment, medicine, politics and academics. He is the author of more than 60 articles and book chapters, including "Ethical Considerations in Synthesizing a Minimal Genome," which appeared in Science magazine. His other writings include "A Consistent Center for Bioethics," The Moral Dilemmas of Medical Practice" and "Power in Politics," among others.
He is involved in a number of professional organizations including the American Academy of Religion and the American Society of Christian Ethics. He served on the ethics advisory committee for the Texas Department of Human Services and on the board of consultants for the Texas Christian Life Commission and is a member of the Ethics of Genomics Group. Additionally, McGee is a past recipient of the Outstanding Educators of America award.
For more information, contact McGee at 710-6316.